Welcome to my homepage.... Yes, its pretty basic. I've just thrown this together as a place to post some photos, rather than sending them out. Enjoy!

Me and Dad

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Tuesday 30th May 2006
Woah... an update... after neary 5 years...

This isn't getting updated any more (obviously).... I'm just too slack.
Please go to my blog for baby photos etc.


Wednesday 21st November 2001
A few more photos...

I've uploaded a few more recent photos. This will be the last update until Shelli and I get back from Australia.
These photos are mainly from a few parties we've been to recently.
Last day at Misys - A few photos of the guys I worked with at Misys, taken at the pub after my last day.
Solid Sunday - On the 4th of November Brad played a set at Solid Sunday - a club here in London that runs every Sunday afternoon, for those who don't want the weekend to end. This was Brad's first set at a club, and all of us went along to see him play. Brad played an excellent set, and we all had a wicked time - hopefully we'll see him back there soon!
The Birthday Bash - Andy, Adrian, Simon and Sarah had a combined birthday party at Andy and Maria's flat. Thanks to Andy and Maria for hosting the party at their flat, and also to Brad who once again did a fantastic job on the decks.

Thursday 27th September 2001
At last, some photos go up.

OK, I've finally put some photos up. I'm still working on descriptions, and I've got a few problems with the image sizes to fix, but at least its something, and its only taken me 18 months!!!
Wellington - Photos from in and around Wellington, In April 200 just before I left New Zeland.
South Otago - Some photos of my family, and the area where I grew up, taken in the days leading up to flying out.
Singapore - I took these during the one-day stopover on the way to London. Singapore is really cool, I highly reccommend a visit.
Contiki - As soon as I arrived in London I left again on a 16-day contiki tour around western europe. Lots of fun, but a bit hectic...
London - Various photos taken around london between May and December 2000.
Pamplona - Photos from the running of the bulls in Pamplona in July 2000.
Boston - I took these photos during a couple of quick work trips to Boston in July and October 2000.
Egypt - These are from a FANTASTIC diving trip to the Red Sea, in September 2000.
Church - A few photos from a trip to the church, sometime in October 2000. If you don't know what the church is about, these photos will give you an idea...
Madam Tusards - Shelli and I visited Madam Tusards in December 2000.
White London - We had quite a bit of snow in London over Xmas 2000.
New Zealand - Shelli and I visited New Zealand in Jan-Feb 2001, and had an AWESOME time.
Museums - Photos from the Natural Histrory and Imperial War Museums.
Tower of London - Photos from a visit to the Tower of London, in April 2001.
Britan - Photos from various locations around the UK, taken in May 2001.
Parties - We went to some ripper parties in May, here are a few photos.
Scotland - Photos from a great trip around Scotland in July 2001.
London - More miscelaneous photos from around London and from nights out with friends, taken in September 2001.
Lakes District - Photos from a visit to the lakes district in August 2001.
Hampten Court - Photos from Hampten Court Palance, August 2001.
Synergy - Photos from the 'Synergy' party, at the Shepards Bush Empire, September 21st, 2001.

Tuesday 4th September 2001
Hey there! This is Johnno's homepage.
I'm working on a homepage, so this is really just a placeholder.